Weekly Pill Organizer & Pill Timer. LARGE Pill Capacity.

Weekly Pill Organizer with Alarm Timer 4 x 7 days (960615). Great for travelers.
Weekly Pill Organizer with Alarm Timer 4 x 7 days (960615). Great for travelers.
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Weekly Pill Organizer with Alarm Timer 4 x 7 days (960615). Great for travelers.

The World's Best Pill Organizer & Medication Alarm

We searched the world ... and found the world's best pill box organizer & medication reminder timer combination ... in Denmark.

Never Forget to Take your Medicine Again! Avoid Medication Errors! (click to enlarge photo) Feel Better & Keep your Medications Organized!

Improve Medication Adherence / Patient Compliance: Convenient & compact storage pack made of durable high quality canvas includes Seven (7) EZ-to-OPEN Medinizer pill boxes (with the respective day of the week clearly imprinted on the front of each one). Pill Box (Medinizer) can be ordered separately.

Each pill box has 4 LARGE CAPACITY pill compartments to hold your medications. Includes our popular Easy-to-Set e-pill Multi-Alarm with 'Missed Pill' feature electronic pill reminder timer; e-pill EzSET Multi-Alarm. Free Shipping & Handling (US only). 30 Day Money Back guarantee!

I don't want to sound over-dramatic here, but the simple fact is that this one product, all by itself, truly, substantially changed the life of the person for whom it was bought. - M.K.

Super Organizer -- Super Pill Timer Reminder -- Super Practical

Great product for organizing & planning your weekly medicines. Use at home, on business trip, vacation, college etc. Very flexible use. Take one day’s medicine for daily use or carry the whole weekly organizer with you. This e-pill device is member tested & recommended by National Health & Wellness Club.

The e-pill 7-Day Organizer & Reminder comes complete with electronic medication reminder and batteries. Electronic Medication Reminder can be carried either in the outer pocket, inside the weekly organizer canvas bag itself, in your briefcase or purse.

e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS (no Tray), up to 37 Daily Alarm settings, simple to use, easy to program with slide switches, innovative reminder device. No reset required (timer automatically resets every day at midnight). Complete system with everything included (canvas bag, 7 daily organizer, pill timer, batteries).

Weekly organizer (canvas bag) size: 6 1/2 inch x 6 1/2 inch x 2 inch
Daily organizer size: 6 1/4 inch x 1 7/8 inch x 13/16 inch with 4 LARGE CAPACITY pill compartments, dish washer safe. Imprinted dosage 1,2,3,4 in Braille for the vision impaired and for tactile feedback. | Each compartment (dose) holds twenty five (25) aspirin sized tablets
Color: Blue with Clear Lid, Canvas Bag is dark blue.
Batteries (replaceable): 2 x AAA included. Battery life 1 year.
Shipping: Free Standard Shipping (US customers only, $15.00 Non-US customers).

Medication reminder for travelers: Travelers who are saddled to a daily regimen of pills have a new remedy to the problem of keeping track of them all. Its hefty name – the 7-day Travel Medication Reminder & Organizer system – aptly describes its function. But it doesn’t convey the cleverness of the system, which comes from Denmark and is being sold in the United States by a company called e-pill. The system includes seven 6-by-2-inch trays, one for each day of the week, subdivided into four bins for morning, noon, evening and night. The trays stack into a carrying case for packing, but can be carried individually if you’re going to spend the day away from the hotel. The system also includes a timing device that fits easily into a pocket and can be set by moving little tabs to easily designate any number of alarms. The system is designed with details important to many older users. The lettering is large enough to be read easily; the trays are large enough to be handled easily; the timer doesn’t require the engineering degree and surgeon’s touch that seem to be prerequisites for operating many digital devices. The system is not compact – roughly 7 by 7 by 2 inches – and is not inexpensive. But for orderliness it is without peer. It can be ordered from e-pill by calling 1-800-549-0095 or from Web site www.epill.com.

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