Improve Patient Compliance / Reduce Medication Non-Adherence. Create a Personal Message for each Alarm on e-pill CADEX Alarm Watch

Reduce Medication Non-Adherence
Create a Personal Message for each Alarm on e-pill CADEX Alarm Watch and Improve Patient Compliance / Reduce Medication Non-Adherence. The e-pill CADEX Watch is routinely used by the pharmaceutical industry to improve medication adherence in clinical studies.

Example: Telaprevir taken 3 x Daily
Telaprevir (VX-950), marketed under the brand names Incivek and Incivo, is a pharmaceutical drug for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C

ALARM TEXT (Instructional) MESSAGE. The e-pill CADEX alarm watch allows up to 36 characters (Alarm Text Reminder) be stored for each Medication Alarm (example 'TOPROL XL 100MG', 'INCIVEK 2 TABLETS', 'INSULIN' or 'BLUE PILLBOX').

Alarm Text Message on e-pill CADEX Watch
(up to 36 letters long)
Improve Patient Compliance

If you take multiple medications at a given time, we recommend you abbreviate if necessary ('MORNING MEDS') or use a reference ('BLUE PILLBOX'). You may also want to set alarms to remind you to perform a certain test daily ('GLUCOSE'), or to perform a specific exercise or task ('DO HOMEWORK').

TEXT alarm Message TIP-1: If you are normally away from home during the day, we recommend you make an alarm for the early part of the day that says 'SETUP MEDS'.

You should set this alarm for the time that you are normally doing your morning routine (breakfast, coffee, etc.), this will remind you to get your medications together and into your pocket or purse so you will not forget them.

TEXT alarm Message TIP-2: You may create one or several TEXT-ALARM ahead of time for reminders often used (but not used every day). Maximum number of alarms is twelve. We call this an Alarm Menu.

How to use the Alarm Menu: Example 'LAB TEST' performed every Thursday. Since each alarm can be individually turned ON and OFF you simply scroll to today's message (LAB TEST) and turn it on (symbol appears above ALn) and if necessary change the time for this alarm (your CADEX alarm watch retains the alarm time from the last time each alarm was used).

CHARACTERS: The following letters (characters) are available for ALARM TEXT MESSAGES (in the ALARM BANK) and for use in the DATA BANK on the e-pill CADEX alarm watch:

[blank] [A],[B],[C],[D],[E],[F],[G],[H],[I],[J],[K],[L],[M] [N],[O],[P],[Q],[R],[S],[T],[U],[V],[W],[X],[Y],[Z] [0],[1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9] [.],[#],[+],[-],[!]

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