Change of Battery on an e-pill CADEX Alarm Watch

Battery Change the Battery on your e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Watch and Medical ALERT
The e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Medication Reminder and Medical ALERT Watch runs on a CR2032 3 Volt Button Cell.

At the first sign of low power (dim display), have the battery replaced. We strongly recommend that you take your e-pill CADEX to a jeweler for battery replacement, instead of changing it on your own.

IMPORTANT: Once the battery is replaced, in order for the watch to function properly, you need to reset the watch by pressing and holding in the 4 buttons on the sides until the watch display goes blank. Release the buttons and the watch will beep. You will need to reprogram your watch after the reset.

Remove the four (4) screws on the back. Remove the stainless steel plate (please note the orientation). Remove only one (1) of the three screws that holds the battery assembly. Prey out the battery. Replace the battery with a fresh CR2032 3 Volt Battery. Replace the one screw holding the battery assembly. Clean the O-Ring and make sure it is positioned correctly. Replace the stainless steel plate and secure it with the four screws.

There are three common issues (after “non-professional” battery change). We strongly recommend that you take your e-pill CADEX to a jeweler for battery replacement, instead of changing it on your own:

The sound maker is welded to the stainless steel back-plate. The circuit is connected via the “gold spring” (+ voltage) and the “silver foot” (- voltage). Both must touch the right part of the sound maker / back plate in order for the sound maker (“alarm”) to work.

  • The stainless steel plate is put back on up-side down (CADEX on the front should match CADEX on the back)
  • The insulator (that is glued on top of the battery assembly) is removed / or removed and then not replaced properly. There is no need to remove the insulator (should not be touched).
  • The gold spring (+ voltage) is inadvertently depressed / does not stick out far enough to connect to the sound maker.

  • In any case….. the customer/patient should always do a master reset after a battery change (see instruction manual) while they are at the jeweler. This is done by holding in all 4 buttons (on the side) FOR 5 SECONDS; observe the display (should form 2 rectangles) and make sure you here the beep (= watch has been reassembled correctly).

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION Medical Alert (ICE) If you currently wear a Medical Alert Identification Bracelet or necklace, you should CONTINUE TO WEAR IT. This watch is an electronic device. If the watch’s electronic parts or battery fail no one will be able to access your important medical information. DO NOT TAKE THIS RISK. Water Resistance This watch is NOT WATER PROOF. It will withstand splashes and rain but not swimming, bathing, and showering. DO NOT USE IN SHOWER OR SWIMMING POOL Care of Your Watch Avoid exposing the watch to temperature extremes. Avoid dropping the watch. Avoid exposing the watch to gasoline, cleaning solvents, adhesive agents, paint, or aerosol sprays. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER CAUTION: Dead battery, replacement of battery, malfunction or repairs will cause all data stored in the memory of the watch to be deleted. It is recommended that you keep separate written copies of all important data. In no event will e-pill, LLC be liable for loss of data or damages arising of such loss.

    Battery: CR2032 3 Volt Button Cell

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