12 Alarm CADEX PEDIATRIC Watch Timer for Children / Kids and Young Adults (952437)

12 Alarm CADEX PEDIATRIC Watch Timer for Children / Kids and Young Adults (952437)
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Device Description

12 Alarm CADEX PEDIATRIC Watch Timer for Children / Kids and Young Adults (952437)

Easy-to-Set and Easy-to-Use e-pill CADEX PEDIATRIC Alarm Watch. Medication Reminder 12 Alarm Timer Watch & Medical ID (Stores Medical Information) for Children and Teenagers (Boys and Girls). Size of the watch is the same as the adult but the easy-to-change Velcro strap adjusts to the growing child's wrist. More CADEX Alarm / Timer Watches.

Excellent display with large digits and characters. Over 50,000 CADEX Watches Sold! Dr. OZ shows CADEX on Good Morning America (GMA)

This e-pill device is member tested & recommended by National Health & Wellness Club.

  • Up to 12 daily alarms (auto repeating)
  • Easy to read display with normal time & date function
  • TEXT reminder message (up to 36 characters)
  • Beeping alarm sound (medical snooze)
  • Four HOURS alarm duration. Medical Snooze (every 3 minutes for up to 4 hours until medications are taken)
  • ALERT Emergency Medical Identification (may speak for you in an emergency)
  • Used in Clinical Trials
"I gave the e-pill CADEX Watch to my 14 year old diabetic nephew so he can remember to do his blood sugar tests. He loves wearing it! His mother even set a 5:00 pm alarm to say 'if you are not home yet - call me'. - A.L. (Indiana)

Alarm Timer:
Program up to 12 daily medication reminders (beep sound alarm) and optional reminder text message (name and strength of medication or other prompts - Medical Information). Message scrolls across the display. NO RESET required - Alarms repeat at the same time every day.

Not Suitable for Hearing Impaired.
Do not wear in shower or swimming pool.

Size: 1 1/2" x 1/2" (normal adult size wrist watch) with Easy-to-adjust Velcro Strap
Color: BLACK with Red/Black Velcro Strap | Digit size: 1/4 inch
Battery life: 12 months | Battery: CR2032 included (replaceable).

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