Clinical Studies e-pill, CADEX and Other epill Alarms & Timers

Clinical Studies e-pill, CADEX and Other epill Alarms & Timers

Medication Adherence / Patient Compliance Studies: Clinical Studies e-pill, CADEX and Other epill Alarms & Timers

Clinical Trials, Studies and Resources to learn more about medication compliance and patient adherence.

Drugs don't work in patients who don't take them.

— C. Everett Koop, M.D.

  • The e-pill CADEX was used in large clinical program for an oral hepatitis C drug dosed 3 x day. Drug approved in 2011.

  • Incontinence Clinical Study using Alarm Timer Watch in Children (age 5-14 years of age / Urotherapy).

  • Clinical Study using e-pill CADEX Alarm Technology with Schizophrenic Clients to Improve Treatment Compliance.

  • e-pill Medication Reminders Electronic Medication Compliance Aid Study Published in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. List of all e-pill Medication Reminders

  • JAMIA / Meta-analysis A Meta-analysis of l6 Randomized Controlled Trials to Evaluate Computer-based Clinical Reminder Systems for Preventive Care in the Ambulatory Setting

    Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, Volume 3 Number 6, Nov / Dec 1996, pp 399-409 Steven Shea, MD; William Dumouchel, PhD; Lisa Bahamonde, BA (Meta-analysis)

  • NEJM Adherence to Medication The New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 353:487-497 August 4, 2005 Number 5 Lars Osterberg, M.D., and Terrence Blaschke, M.D.

  • CMAJ Use of reminders for preventive procedures in family medicine. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 1991; 145 (7), pp 807-812 Walter W. Rosser, MD; Ian McDowell, PhD; Claire Newell, MA

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