Use E-Pill Cadex Alarm Watch for Diabetes

Use E-Pill Cadex Alarm Watch for Diabetes
I love my CADEX so much I am going to order one with a leather wrist strap and wear that when I am out of the house. Thank you for offering such a superb product!

I showed it to my dietitian, who will recommend it to diabetics.


Our medication reminders are used to improve patient compliance: | Order
  • by hospital/clinics treating DIABETES patients.
  • by parents with DIABETIC CHILDREN.

    The e-pill CADEX watch is a 12 Alarm Reminder Watch AND a Medical Alert watch and is very popular with diabetes patients and diabetes educators.

    Please note that our line of vibrating wrist watches was developed for children with diabetes. This product line was developed in Sweden ("medos") and is sold in North America under the MeDose name by e-pill Medication Reminders.

    Recently featured in Diabetes Digest: Multi-Alarm. For Type-2 Diabetics check out the World's Best Medication Organizer: 7 Day Organizer & Reminder | CADEX 12 Alarm Diabetes Watch & Medical Alert.

    Find out more about how you can improve the care in your institution, for your child or yourself! Request your FREE brochure today.

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