Epilepsy Pill Reminder: Medication Reminders You Won’t Forget

Epilepsy Medication Reminders You Won’t Forget
Epilepsy Medication Reminders You Won’t Forget. And everyone seems to like it!

The e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS has been featured by Katie Couric, Dr. OZ and is member tested and recommended by the National Health & Wellness Club. And there are other versions of the e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS: The pill-box is available in children’s versions as well as smaller versions: the e-pill 37 Alarm Multi-Alarm POCKET XL and the 37 Alarm Multi-Alarm HOME that fits on a home refrigerator. It’s kind of hard to beat success. So, if you want to purchase the e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS, simply go to e-pill Medication Reminders at http://www.epill.com or call (800) 549-0095. (By the way, I researched pill reminders seven ways to Sunday and all websites pointed to one solution: the e-pill Multi-Alarm PLUS. So I guess they must be doing something right.

Epilepsy Medication Reminder
Epilepsy Pill Reminder

Written by Phylis Feiner Johnson. I've been a professional copywriter for over 35 years. I've also had epilepsy for decades. My mission is advocacy; to increase education, awareness and funding for epilepsy research.

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