Frequently Asked Questions e-pill CADEX Alarm Watch

How much does CADEX Alarm Watch COST?

The e-pill CADEX 12 ALARM Medication Reminder & Medical ALERT wristwatch (standard version in SILVER or BLACK) is right now on SALE and the price is $99.95 including FREE Standard SHIPPING and Handling (U.S. Customers only, Non-US customers pay $15.00 for S&H). The suggested retail price is $139.95.

How soon can I get it?

We process and ship your order the next business day. All orders ship from Boston (Wellesley), MA. | Order

"This watch has prolonged my life. The e-pill CADEX watch helps me in remembering my medications and when to take them, but
e-pill also helps me in remembering my daily routine of activities that I do. I can't say enough about it."
Kristy C. KY
More Customer Testimonials | VIDEO | Instruction Manual

How Does It Work?

Watch this short Youtube Video to learn how the e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Medication Reminder Watch and Alert works.

How Easy is SET-UP (program e-pill CADEX)?

The e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Watch and "away from home" Medical Alert Bracelet is easy to set-up. The ADJUST button is pressed for any item you would like to set. To add a medication name, the FORWARD button takes you through the alphabet starting with A匓匔, etc. whereas the REVERSE button starts Z匵匶, etc. To set the time, the FORWARD button starts with 123, etc. and the REVERSE button goes the opposite direction. You do NOT need a computer or 'a computer degree' to program this easy to set alarm watch. MANUAL

VIDEO: CADEX Quick Guide YouTube Video e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Watch & Medical Alert (recorded by CADEX inventor Diane K. Barker)

On average, setting ('programming') the watch with four alarms takes about 15 minutes. Auto reset: Once your CADEX is set, the watch will remind you every day at the programmed times (auto repeat).

For a full set of instructions, CLICK HERE (CADEX Operating Manual / CADEX Operating Instructions).

How to ORDER?

You can order your own CADEX Alarm Watch from one of our many distributors. List of e-pill DISTRIBUTORS

To order the medication reminder directly from e-pill (, order from this Web site to ORDER CADEX, call us toll free at 1-888-726-8805 (M-F 8:30-5:00 Eastern / Boston) or mail in a check made payable to e-pill, LLC.

Did Dr. Oz show the CADEX watch on Good Morning America?

Yes the e-pill CADEX reminder watch was shown by Dr Oz on the Good Morning America TV show.

Is there a PATENT?

Yes the e-pill CADEX Alarm Watch is patented. US patent number is 6,560,165.

Can I order CADEX alarm watches for a clinic, hospital, pharmacy or medical supply company?

Our company (e-pill Medication Reminders / / legal name e-pill, LLC) offers quantity pricing for pharmacies, DME, hospitals, clinics and medical supply companies. Please call us toll free at 1-888-726-8805 (international +1-781-239-2941) for more information, or fax a request to e-pill, LLC at 1-781-235-3252.

What is your RETURN POLICY?

When you purchase an e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Watch and Medical ALERT ID (medical alert) watch we recommend that you set-up the watch and make sure you like the style and ease of use. If you do not like it, return it promptly in its original packaging for a complete refund. Please call us first for a returns authorization numer. The watch comes with a one (1) year warranty guaranteeing its inner components. This does not cover the band, buckle, battery, case, buttons or crystal. During the warranty period and upon proof of purchase, the watch will be repaired or replaced free of charge within one year of purchase.

How LOUD is the Alarm? Note CADEX is not suitable for hearing impaired patients.

The CADEX watch has an audible beeping alarm. Alarm tone frequency is 4,300 Hz (high pitch tone) and is not suitable for hearing impaired patients or patients with reduced hearing. The alarm tone is similar to other beeping watches. The tone is rather high pitched. If you suspect you may not be able to hear higher tones, we suggest you watch the e-pill CADEX VIDEO or go to a department store and ask a clerk in the watch department to set any alarm watch for you. If you can hear the alarm, you will be able to hear the e-pill CADEX.

Not suitable for hearing impaired patients.

Is it Waterproof?

The CADEX Alarm wristwatch is water resistant BUT NOT WATERPROOF. DO NOT OPERATE the BUTTONS UNDERWATER. Do not use this watch in the shower or swimmingpool.

Do not wear in shower or swimming pool

Does the watch come in Men's, Women's and Kid's Styles?

The CADEX 12 Alarm Watch is a standard sports size watch, which is convenient for both men and women (and some kids). If you have a particularly small wrist, we recommend that you order a Pendant Kit to wear the watch around your neck. The watch is 1 1/2 inch across and 1/2 inch thick.

What is the CADEX wristwatch made of?

The CADEX Medication Reminder watch has a high impact, durable plastic case with a shock-resistant polycarbonate lens. The back cover is made of stainless steel (nickel free) and the standard band (strap) is black rubberized (non-latex) plastic with a stainless steel buckle.

Can I replace the strap (band) with one of my own?

The CADEX watch comes with a standard black band and we sell a leather band for an additional $9.95. The watch is also compatible with most standard 18 mm (most common watch band / watch strap size) bands available in jewelry, drug, or department stores. Selection of Bands and Straps. How to Change Watch Band on your CADEX Alarm Watch.

I prefer the look of my own watch, but I still need the CADEX reminder. What should I do?

For those who have particularly small wrists or prefer to wear their own watch, we recommend our pendant conversion kit which can be worn around the neck. This is an additional $9.95. Please click this Link ( and scroll down to view additional CADEX designs (including CADEX pocket watches and designs for Kids).

How do emergency personnel know to check my watch for the "ALERT" button?

We can not be sure emergency personnel will know how to use the e-pill CADEX watch. For this reason we recommend that if you currently wear medical identification jewelry you continue to do so. You should also carry a Wallet Card with your medical ID information. We have also sent press releases to major emergency care periodicals and newsletters about the CADEX Medical ALERT feature.

How do I change the Battery?

At the first sign of low power (dim display) take your CADEX 12 Alarm Watch and Medical Alert to your local Wal-Mart, SEARS, RadioShack, watch or drug store and ask the clerk to change the battery for you. The CADEX watch takes a standard lithium 3 Volt battery (button cell CR2032).

After the battery has been changed, please reset the watch by pressing all four buttons for 5 seconds. You should hear a beep if the watch is assembled correctly. Now set the time, alarms and your medical information.

For what age is this watch appropriate? Can Children wear it?

The e-pill CADEX medication reminder watch is appropriate for any age. It can be worn by a child, or by the child's parent. The parent can also hand it over to the child's teacher or caregiver for the day. This gives the parent peace of mind, knowing the child will be medicated properly. For small children, the pendant kit may be useful.

I can't turn my alarm off, what do I do (Medical Snooze Feature)?

When one of the medication alarms sounds the watch will begin to beep continuously for One (1) minute and the name of the medication will scroll across the face of the watch. This continuous beeping can be turned off my pressing either the FORWARD or REVERSE buttons. The watch will then enter the REMINDER MODE (medical snooze). In this mode, the watch will give two beeps every three minutes. The REMINDER mode can be turned off by pressing either the FORWARD or REVERSE buttons a second time. You may press FORWARD or REVERSE buttons TWICE when the alarm goes off if you DO NOT want the MEDICAL SNOOZE.

Does the watch come in different Colors or Styles?

The CADEX Alarm Watch comes with either a silver or black casing. Both come with a standard black band made of plastic. We also offer a leather band for an additional $9.95 and a pendant kit also for $9.95. As an alternative you can purchase the e-pill CADEX LEATHER (Brown Leather Band with Deployment Buckle) for $104.95.

HIPAA Compliance Notice: This e-pill CADEX device, when used, may disclose confidential patient information.

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