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e-pill 25 Alarm Clock Reminder Rosie Reminder Assistant Large Display

25 Alarm Talking Alarm Clock Large Display Reminder Rosie
25 Alarm Talking Alarm Clock Large Display Reminder Rosie
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Device Description

25 Alarm Talking Alarm Clock Large Display Reminder Rosie

25 Alarms Talking Alarm Clock

Record Medication Reminders. Set alarm times with your own voice. Large Display. Loud Alarm. Never forget to take your medications again!

Avoid Medication Errors and Feel Better with this easy to use voice activated 25 alarm clock. The e-pill Reminder Rosie Alarm Clock Reminder Assistant allows you to easily record medication reminders - up to 25 per day. Simply talk in your normal voice to the e-pill alarm clock and set the different alarms along with recorded reminders, or ask for today’s date, today’s reminders, time and more.

'My partner has Alzheimer's and getting her to take her meds and do other tasks has been very difficult. We tried alarm watches, but that didn't work. Then I bought this and set it up. She loves it! Now she doesn't miss her meds or other activities.' – L.S. MO

Record up to Twenty Five (25) Personal or Medication Reminders and set them with alarms for today only, any Day of the week (Su, M, T, W, Th, F or S) or Everyday (Daily Alarms).

The LOUD pill reminder alarm is easy to hear and the time is shown on the large easy to read display with 2 inch large LED digits. For example, you can start you day by asking the e-pill Reminder Rosie for today’s reminders. The e-pill Reminder Rosie Reminder Assistant also doubles as a talking 25 Alarm Clock.

Right Medicine - Every Time: Use the power of your own voice. Improve patient compliance and medication adherence by helping your patient remember her/his medications. | Learn more | Other TALKING Reminders

e-pill Reminder Rosie Assistant Features:

  • Loud Reminders repeat for 1 hour or until you say "Reminder off".
  • Record up to 25 Medication / Other Reminders, 6 seconds long (in your own voice).
  • Set Reminders for Everyday, Weekly or Today only.
  • Understands any voice talking in English- anyone can use it right away out of the box as a voice control clock.
  • Use simple specified phrases as commands or questions, or set manually with buttons on back.
  • Easy to Read, display with large digits.
  • Ask the e-pill iTalk Medication Reminder for today’s reminders, time of day or what day it is.
  • Set a Wake-Up Alarm and choose from 4 different alarm sounds with duration of 7 minutes.
  • Alarms Snooze for 9 minutes. Maximum 3 snoozes and then the alarm will automatically turn of for the day.
  • Alarm Both volume and display light is adjustable
  • Operates on AC power and battery back-up (3 AAA included) that makes sure you will not lose the time, alarm and the date previously set.

  • Specifications:

    Voice control (or Manual activation)

    Alarms: Up to Twenty Five (25) Medication Reminders (in your voice) and One (1) Wake-Up Alarm (select from 3 pre-recorded ringtones or Voice telling the Time)

    Alarm Duration: Medication Reminders sound for 60 minutes (1 hour). Wake up Alarm 7 minutes with 9 minutes snooze period.

    Large 2 inch LED Digits (very easy to read)

    Dimmer and Alarm volume hi-low switch

    Dimensions: 8 inch long x 4 1/4 inch height x 2 3/4 inch deep

    Colors: Silver with Amber digits

    Weight: 1 lb 1 oz (device only)

    Battery memory back-up: 3 AAA batteries included AC adapter, UL listed

    Manufacturer: Reminder Rosie

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