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CADEX How It Works
What is e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Medication Reminder & Medical Alert Watch? | CADEX Watch | Studies | Order | Video | Pendant Kit

Reminds up to twelve times per day: Never forget to take your medications again! The e-pill CADEX Medication Reminder Alarm Watch takes the worry out of taking daily medications, so you can spend your time enjoying the more important things in life.

In case of an emergency: The e-pill CADEX Medication Reminder Alarm Watch stores your medical information in case of an emergency. Avoid Medication Errors. | Featured on Good Morning America by Dr. Oz.

Now I can remember to take my medications
on time. Its easy and automatic.
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Video: CADEX 12 Alarm Watch Guide

VIDEO: Quick Guide YouTube Video e-pill CADEX 12 ALARM Watch & Medical ALERT (recorded by CADEX inventor Diane K. Barker).

How CADEX works: The e-pill CADEX has up to Twelve (12) Daily Alarms (medication reminders). The alarms auto repeat every day, no reset required. At the scheduled time, the alarm will sound and display the name of the medication to be taken. A medical 'snooze' feature allows you to turn off the initial beeping and continue to be reminded with a subtle double beep every three minutes until you have taken your medications or performed task. | Order | Video | ALARM BANK | Learn more (video)

  • Are you taking your medications at the wrong time?
  • Sometimes forgetting to take you medications?
  • Concerned that your loved one is not taking medications as prescribed?

  • In addition, an emergency Alert Databank stores your critical health information, similar to a Medical Alert I.D. bracelet. Pressing the ALERT button on the alarm watch will display the following MEDICAL ALERT Information: Learn more

  • Your NAME and Phone number
  • Medical ALERT Conditions (i.e. diabetic, pacemaker, hemophiliac, Parkinson's, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, etc.)
  • ALLERGIC (i.e. penicillin, bee stings, peanuts, etc.)
  • Current Medications
  • DOCTOR's Name and Contact information
  • Emergency CONTACT Name and Phone number
  • BLOOD Type
  • BIRTHDAY Date of Birth
  • INSURER Health insurance company and phone number
  • POLICY # Health insurance policy number
  • S.S.# Social Security number (optional)

    Improve Medication Adherence and Patient Compliance: Taking the right medications on time and in the prescribed doses allows you to experience the full effectiveness of your medication.

    Be healthy, ease your mind, order your own e-pill CADEX 12 ALARM Wrist Watch & Medical ALERT today.


  • 12 Daily ALARMS with Text (messages up to 36 characters long)
  • Auto repeating alarms (no reset required)
  • Long alarm duration. Up to 4 hours
  • Medical SNOOZE. Reminder beep every three (3) minutes until all your medications have been taken
  • Medical ALERT ID (medical alert in case of an emergency)
  • Unisex style sports alarm watch

    Standard size sports style watch (1 1/2 inch Round). Fits Men, Women or Kids (pediatric). Pendant conversion kit available for those who do not wish to wear the watch on their wrist Easy to Set and Use. Easy to Read Display. Time and Date Recommended by Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists Emergency medical identification. Provides immediate important health information to medical personnel HIPAA Compliance Notice: This e-pill device, when used, may disclose confidential patient information.


    When you purchase an e-pill CADEX alarm watch we recommend that you program the watch and make sure you like the style and ease of use. If you do not, return it promptly in its original packaging for a complete refund.


    The watch comes with a one-year (1) warranty guaranteeing its inner components. This does not cover the band, buckle, battery, case, buttons or crystal. During the warranty period and upon proof of purchase, the watch will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Please call us toll free at 1-888-726-8805 (international +1 781-239-2941).

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