Medical SNOOZE = Long Alarm Duration (Up to 4 Hours)

Medical SNOOZE Long Alarm Duration on your e-pill CADEX

Medical SNOOZE - Long Alarm Duration up to four hours - our CADEX Alarm Watch will NAG you. Every Three (3) Minutes a Reminder Beep.

Our patented e-pill® CADEX® 12 ALARM Medication Reminder and Medical ALERT Watch features the unique MEDICAL SNOOZE™. This alarm watch will nag you until you take your medications or perform your task.


Never Forget to take your Medications Again!™ Feel Better™. Avoid Medication Errors™

This e-pill device is member tested & recommended by National Health & Wellness Club.

When it is time for you to take your medications (or go to a meeting / perform a task) the CADEX watch will sound an alarm. Press any button on the right side (FORWARD or REVERSE) to silence the alarm. You have now activated the medical snooze...

When in MEDICAL SNOOZE you will be reminded by:

... a REMINDER BEEP every 3 minutes until you take all your medications

... for up to FOUR (4) Hours

... and an optional scrolling TEXT message

WHEN YOU ARE READY. Take your medications (or go to your meeting / perform your task).

TASK COMPLETED When you have taken your medications (or gone to your meeting / performed your task) simply touch any button on the right side (FORWARD or REVERSE). The CADEX watch returns to normal mode. The date now re-appears on the top of the display (and the reminder text message is gone). Regardless of what you do, the alarm will repeat at the same time tomorrow.

You may bypass the Medical Snooze by pressing any button on the right side 2 times (twice) as soon as alarm sounds.

You can easily set (program) the reminder text message yourself. It can be any reminder message up to 36 characters in length. Each alarm (you may set up to twelve daily auto repeating alarms) has its own test reminder message. Alarms repeat at the same time every day, no reset required. | e-pill CADEX Easy Set-up Guide

Listen to the Medical Alert CADEX Radio Advertisement | Over 50,000 CADEX Watches Sold! Watch a Short CADEX Video to see how it works.

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