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My name is Andrew T., and your watch contributed quite a bit to my recovery from a mental illness. The alarms I entered were not for medication, but for routine. When I was on disability and unwell, my life and schedule were a chaotic mess. My parents purchased the watch for me as sort of a shot in the dark kind of thing. The first alarm I added was a reminder to go to bed at a regular time (after all, if you go to bed at 5am, no way you’re getting up for a 9am doctor’s appointment, and if you’re sleeping weird hours, good luck getting on any sort of medication routine). Then I started plugging in reminders for mealtimes, for checking the mail, and other daily tasks.

Your watch, and the nature of the alarms on it (the fact that it comes back to poke you until you turn it off a second time) helped me rebuild a sense of order in my life. As I’ve travelled along my recovery journey, the alarms have changed somewhat, but the watch remains a solid part of what helps me maintain the routine and order I need in my life. There are a lot of things that contributed to my recovery, but your watch was a solid piece of the puzzle. Thanks in part to you, after a decade of living on disability I have maintained full time employment for over six years, and I am happily married with a 3yo child and another on the way.

I have used a lot of devices like this and this is by far my favorite. I love this CADEX watch!
Debbie P., Pharmacist, Portland, OR

So far so good . . great little watch

I ordered this watch after a couple of embarrassing incidents where I left my cell phone at my desk. When the alarm started going off, everyone in the building was looking for me because they were worried (I'm severely diabetic). I read the articles on the Cadex site about how using a watch is better than using the cell phone, and after having the watch for one day I totally agree.

Firstly, the watch looks exactly as the picture appears. I am a bit girly-girl, and did not like the idea of wearing a man's watch. The strap added a feminine touch that I like. The strap could be more robust, but I think if I keep wearing the watch I'll buy a different strap from a watch or jewelry store. I have joint issues because of the diabetes - my other watch was a simple Timex with an elastic band. It's actually not easy to find watches that I can put on without struggling, so the band works fine.

Next - shipping and packaging were excellent. I was worried when I first received the package because it looked a little small. But they packed a lot of stuff in there, including lots of instructions which were great. I paid $28 for expedited shipping and the package arrived almost exactly 24 hours after the watch was ordered.

Next - alarms work great. I used all 12 alarms the first day and plan on using them again today. I'm over 50 years old and normally afraid of technology, but with the instructions I was able to set up the alarms easily. It took about 30 minutes to get the hang of setting the alarms. Also, I didn't set them in order but today I'll go back through the setup and change the order (I like to page through the alarms to see what's next). You should probably write your alarms down first before programming them in the watch. The beep is a little loud, but you can hit any button and the beeps quickly shut off. I like the loudness, though, because I could hear the beep through the noise in my office. Nobody else seemed to notice - or else they thought this was better than my annoying cell phone. The watch also has a feature where you can quickly shut off and turn back on all alarms if you are in a meeting.

Also, on a side note, the Cadex customer support number is engraved on the back of the watch, which is a great idea.V. L.


I highly recommend this watch for medication management and ALERT information for first responders to an emergency.

In May of this year, I was diagnosed with non-operable Pancreatic Cancer. What a shock to say the least. I recovered quickly and quickly went about improving on an already positive attitude about life, etc. It did not take me long to realize that one of the things that was taking time away from my life was PILL MANAGEMENT. Pill Management, so important to living but at the same time very distracting, when you are taking a major pain pill every 4 hours and that is only one pill. I tried everything and found my phone would be the best temporary solution. I could set three alarms with that but it was not long b4 I realized that was just not going to work in the long term.

I went on the internet and found your watch e-pill Alarm CADEX Medication Reminder and Alert Watch. This was a Godsend. It was easy to set up. Covered all my needs. Gave me extra reminder spaces. Put my mind instantly at ease.

In no time, I was completely at ease with my medication needs having turned everything over to the watch for coverage. R.H. SC

Awesome watch

My mother-in-law has Parkinsons and this watch works great for her. It reminds her when and what medication to take and also will store all her medications and doctors in the watch. Thanks! Heather Mendoza

It does MORE than I would have believed!

I bought the watch thinking that if I needed to give medical data to a doctor or EMS and couldn't the watch could. I'm a diabetic who has had a kidney transplant. I take many different meds & insulin. The alarms remind me when to take the meds. I am beyond pleased with the watch! Nick Rath

Great reminder tool

Mother in law has diabetes and this has definitely helped her to remember to eat every two hours and also has the added security of holding her medical information in case she is alone if something happens. Very easy to set up and use. I was worried that there would be too many buttons and she would be confused. But this watch is so easy to navigate that even she couldn't mess it up. J. Michelson

Five STARS This watch (e-pill CADEX) is absolutely amazing. It has gotten me on schedule again, and thank heavens! I also love the data bank feature, and snooze alarm. Congratulations to the company for a great product! H. Davis

If you offered me a gold Rolex or a CADEX watch ...I would take the CADEX watch every time. Thank you for a wonderful product. Dave Blank

This watch has prolonged my life

E-pill CADEX helps me in remembering my medications and when to take them, but
e-pill also helps me in remembering my daily routine of activities that I do. I can't say enough about it."
Kristy C. KY

Your CADEX 12-alarm medication reminder watch has been a big success in reminding me to take medication for Parkinsons on the appointed hours of each day. From 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m., the set alarm works perfectly every two hours. Now I need another CADEX reminder watch. I need it for the days that I begin on an even-numbered hour. My day begins with medication when I awake. The second CADEX watch will be worn when I awake on an even-numbered hour. The alarm will be set to go on at 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., every two hours.

Thanks CADEX reminder watch people. -- M.B.

I just had to email and let you know how pleased I am with my CADEX Medic-Alert watch. I don't miss my meds anymore and that is such a blessing. My 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. meds are extremely important that I take them on time so I don't lose my new kidney.

Thank you for a wonderful product and making it so easy to program" Mary Friedberg

My father has been battling cancer for several years and every few months his prescription changes. The CADEX 12 alarm watch has helped both my father and my mother feel more confident that he is getting the right drug at the right time. K.R. in Orgegon

Now I can remember to take my medications on time. Its easy and automatic. H.B. NY

You had exactly what we needed to help my husband remember to take his medications on time. And I had no trouble programming the information----I'm 72 yrs. old, if I can do it, anyone can.

I regularly recommend the CADEX wristwatch to my patients and I use it myself to keep track of the Lupus Medications.

Congratulations for finally answering the needs of many of my patients, as well as my child with ADD. E.H, Diabetic Educator, CA

I always forget to take my medications. The Cadex watch reminded me morning and night. It even has a snooze feature in case I couldn't take them right away.
Lauren Vogt, Colorado

After the time-consuming initial set-up, this watch is extremely useful for people with multiple medications. Having the medical information right on your wrist in case of an emergency is helpful.
D.W., OH

You don't know how important this is to these people.
Jan R., volunteer at Friends Foundation outreach group, Portland, OR

I gave the CADEX Watch to my 14 year old diabetic nephew so he can remember to do his blood sugar tests. He loves wearing it! His mother even programmed a 5:00 pm alarm to say 'if you are not home yet - call me.

Thanks again for such a wonderful way to keep my meds on time and correct.
C.E., FL

I am so pleased with this thing I can't tell you. What a great idea and so badly needed by so many! Thanks so much to the people who made it possible!!
Sally S., Austin, TX

This Cadex watch has been a lifesaver.

Thank you very much! I will continue to spread the word about how much I love this watch!
J.S., NJ

You have designed a fine product. Robin S., Idaho Department of Health, Boise, ID

It is easy to program. It holds a lot of information and the numbers and letters are nice and big.

It makes is possible for me to remember my medications. When it goes off at 6 a.m. I remember to take my meds. Otherwise, I forget and after about 5 hours I can feel that I have not taken them.

Subject: 12 Alarm Watch

I have recently purchased your 12 Alarm Watch. It's the greatest purchase I have ever made! I will explain how it has changed my life below. In the meantime I want you to know I would recommend this watch to anyone, I would give testimony to any and all people, I would go to any length to assist you in getting this watch sold and distributed. I am trying to say this in as strong a language as possible: so you will understand how strongly I feel about your product and understand what lengths I would go to assist you in your sale and distribution of this watch.

I am a person with Parkinsons Disease

I would like you to know that this watch has made my life so much easier. It has enabled me to insure I get the right medicine at the correct time and interval. I currently take Parkinsons medicine in 1 hour and 50 minute intervals. Without this alarm watch it is a nightmare to insure I take my medicine on time. I now know that I was late in taking my medicine and I think I was, on occasion, missing my medicine all together.

I used to suffer 'OFF' times, on average every day or two. [After I got the watch] it [has] happened [only] once this month because I forgot to take my medicine with me, when I left the house. 'OFF' time can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist you.

I almost forgot – setting up the alarms and using your watch is a breeze and no one should be afraid of it.


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