Trendhunter Magazine: Medication Alert Watch - ePill Cadex

Trendhunter Magazine: Medication Alert Watch - ePill Cadex
Doctors prescribe medication to be given at set times. This is to maintain the drug’s beneficial pharmaceutical effects at a recommended threshold level throughout the day. However, it is hard to remember to take the medicine especially if people are taking several pills a day. Notes and those little plastic pill dispensers from the drugstore just don’t cut it. Ordinary watches are not much better as they only have one alarm.

That’s why the ePill Cadex watch comes in useful for it has up to 12 alarms including text alerts to program. It can also prompt dosage levels or other important text. The auto reset function allows for daily repeat alarms. The medical snooze button will let the user off for 3 minutes at a time until the medicine is taken. The watch also incorporates a medical alert function to let medical emergency personnel know important information much like the well known Medical ID bracelets.

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